The Barnum Neighborhood Circus

The neighborhood we ended up in is unique, I think, of the 79 neighborhoods within the Denver city limits.

Sure they all have "character," and "history," but the neighborhood of Barnum is the only neighborhood established by a raving lunatic circus promoter. Thats right, the neighborhood of Barnum is named after none other than P.T. Barnum, who owned seven-hundred plus acres of our neighborhood as his winter respite, yet did very little for the city of Denver other than annex his property to the city. P.T. could be our most notable icon, but as far as Denver fame goes he's no Kerouac or Cassady, but we do have local, celebrities.

Our Neighborhood is bordered by Sheridan blvd. to the west, federal blvd. to the east, 6th Ave to the north, and Alameda ave. to the south. Technically we live in Barnum West, a bit closer to Sheridan, but it's all Barnum. The populace is primarily Hispanic, and the cultural saturation abounds. There are lots of these guys roaming the streets. As with any low-income area Crime
in Barnum is evident, yet not seen personally. We haven't had the chance to visit the carneceria yet.

And there's a lovely garden.


Miles said...

Don't forget the Barnum effect, the secret behind the fortune cookie. And...your neighborhood...or something... I don't know.

Don't look at me. It was Professor Aunt Cherri and her friends who did this to me.

Anonymous said...

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