A Fine Vintage

Some of the original details remaining in our 80-year-old home:

The peep-hole is like a locket -- you raise a lever to open the oval door. There is no glass; the front is a door-knocker.

This vent in the bathroom both looks and sounds reminiscent of an airplane. Yes, it still functions.

The porch light. The Green Lantern. It's green glass...weird. Not a good picture -- guess you'll have to visit!

This light actually belongs to Aunt and Uncle, but it works. Especially near one of the house's many inset nooks for statues or whatever.

Finally, a forthcoming project we need significant help with:

This is where our power hails from. We have to rewire -- at least the kitchen. Bren is pro at wiring low-voltage home theatre stuff through walls, ceilings, and floors, but this is somewhat intimidating.

It's strange to think about what all has happened in the world since this house was built, let alone here specifically. If we could go back...

I would certainly appreciate my vote more.

Bren and I could say we had read The Great Gatsby, and a lot of people wouldn't know what we were talking about.

Allen Ginsberg would have been forming his first words.

We could have heard Louis Armstrong play.

Picasso was between Cubism and Surrealism.

PEZ had been invented, but not sliced bread. I guess that means PEZ is not the best thing since sliced bread. Miles might disagree.

Makes me want to put a finger wave in my hair...

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