Mama's in the kitchen (Part Deux)

We are grouting machines. I don't think I have fingerprints anymore on my right hand, but it's done. I always did want to be a spy.

We sealed, too. And installed the tub filler and knobs. And took baths. Real baths. Spa baths.

The bad news is, we're still waiting on that last box of green tile for the shower. And a screw broke off when Bren put in the tub's hot water knob, so we have to order a replacement part. It's always something, but at least we can while away the time making up for lost hygiene.

There are remaining projects we wanted to tackle while we await these deliveries, like installing crown moulding in the bath, dining and bed rooms, but we're dead broke.

But you know what? Demolition is always free. Remember the hardwoods I discovered under two layers of linoleum in the kitchen, then tried in vain to resuscitate? They used to look like this, overgrown with tar paper even after hours of attention:

We've had these unsightly floors covered with paper and a rug for some time. Last night, though, I decided it was time to start prepping the room for tile and drywall. The floor is creaky and it was necessary to check the status of the subfloor, so all that hardwood had to go.

My late-night second wind afforded me a peek. I woke up early this morning and went to town. This is what it looked like by noon:

It's in much better condition than we thought it would be after removing the hardwoods, but still creaky and there's a bit of water damage on the far left, so it looks like we'll continue with our plan to replace it before we lay cement board and tile.

When he wasn't carting my demolition detritus out to the dumpster, Bren was installing the toilet in the bathroom. We're still missing a few components (like a seat), and we don't have a faucet for the sink, so pictures of a complete bathroom will follow soon.

Chevy was pretty confused by the goings-on, and I think he'll be relieved when I leave for work in the morning.

He likes bags. I don't know.


Sight for sore feet... and back... and knees...

Some people get to post video of their newborn baby, I get to post this: evidence of our latest D.I.Y. greatness.

There isn't any audio, so don't worry.

I was tempted to jump right in, but I used the hose to fill it up. Brr!

This was the result of completing the last half of the 20amp wire run I did through the basement. All those months of running home-theater wires through strangers homes has finally paid off.
Putting in a new breaker into the box was a bit nerve wracking, but relatively easy.

We're days away from actually using our new bathroom!


Grout Expectations

I know, I know. I'm a dork.

Well, the Misty Meadow 3/4 rounds we ordered came in, and we finished Bren's pride and joy...the shelf:

That is, just in time to find out that in order to finish the only remaining surfaces wanting tile -- either side of the shower door jamb -- we need approximately 15 more tiles. Of course, that means we have to 1) order a full box and 2) wait for said box.

No, we definitely don't need another shipment of kittens. While we wait, we decided to go ahead and start grouting.

Sort of hard to capture, especially by work light, but it's looking good. It just takes forever. Here's another shot, with social commentary:

We're getting the hang of it, and I think we'll make good progress this weekend. Once we grout and seal the wall tiles, we'll do the same to the floor, and then install the sink and toilet.

...So it can be put to better use than this.