Doin' the Potty Dance

The upstairs bathroom saga, part one.

Once upon a time, there was a bathroom...

...that seemed irregularly large for such an old house.

The pink tile was quickly dispatched, only to reveal...

...yet another layer of tile.

That pink and cream tile-look linoleum?

It gave way to ANOTHER layer of black-and-white granite-look linoleum, and HARDWOOD FLOORS.

We suspected early on that this was initially a second bedroom, based on:

This ill-disguised carcass of a window, which roughly corresponds to the master bedroom closet, and the fact that the hardwood floors stop a couple of feet out from said closet. Suspicions confirmed: the closet was a tiny, authentic 1927 bathroom at one point.

And maybe, just maybe, our bathroom will end up looking something like this...

...after about 100 hours of scraping stinky linoleum glue.

1 comment:

Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable said...

That's fantastic, I'd love to know who puts pink tile on top of artificial wood on top of real wood?!

Rather than working your butts off, you should just finish the masterpiece with a nice top layer of astroturf.