Breaking News: The Swedes are Coming!

IKEA Opening First Colorado Store (Denver Post)

Since they haven't gone through all the red tape for the land yet, and construction takes an estimated 15-18 months, it may be a while. Nevertheless, I'm excited!

In the meantime, we can all take our cues for frugal and fabulous living from my excellent ladyfriends Arwen, Mary, and Carra at Dirt Chic.


Still Life With Pumpkin

The bookshelves are a work of art, though I do say so myself.

Now I get to dive into a pile of...

Books! Chevy is particularly interested in Nabokov and Vonnegut.

FYI, here's how Real Simple magazine (which I love -- thanks, Mom O!) suggests people with a "lot" of books should display them:

I think we're on the right track! Although, if Real Simple calls this a lot of books, my life is more complicated than I thought.