The Great Holiday Hurry-Up-And-Get-Things-Done

In that Halloween post I mentioned that drywall was going up in the kitchen.

It was hard, dusty, chickeny work.

Some of you may remember the "nook" area, which used to look like this:

And shortly thereafter, this:

Turns out putting things back together takes longer than bashing them in with a sledgehammer. But now, things are looking up.

We laid the most awesomest tile floor this weekend, despite the fact that both Bren and I came down with the Black Lung on Friday night. And painted all of the walls a light gray (Misty Raindrop or something) except for that dark one, which is blackboard paint. As of tomorrow it will read: "Welcome, Deulens."

I also started a Hall of Fame upstairs.

Guess you'll have to come over to see who all's up there.

And we hung the chandelier in the dining room.

I can't believe how far we've come!

That's all for now. We're BEAT!

Edit: Anne forgot to mention the finished bookshelf, so here it is.

We've worked really well together on all the projects we've done so far, but I did worry just a bit on the kitchen tiles working as a duo. Maybe it was our shared sickness but I thought it might end up like this:

(Art by Al Jaffee.)