We Get By With a LOT of Help From Our Friends

I finally got all of the layers of linoleum off the bathroom floor, and now Bren is cement boarding the room so that we can tile. It's a laborious task. Luckily, a couple of Good Samaritans have come by to alleviate the workload:

Levi volunteered last weekend to get the project going. Happy Birthday, Levi! This weekend, Miles swung by. Check him out, ladies!

And check out roll-off dumpster #2. That's 20 cubic yards of crap we've yanked, scraped and hauled out of this house. Interestingly, it seems to have inspired the neighbors to clean up. One guy across the street mowed his waist-high lawn, and spray-painted one of the VW Beetles he has hanging out on the side of his house. Sweet!

As the guys hang the cement boards, I go in and tape and slather the seams with joint compound.

I also did some laundry today.

It was actually kind of soothing to be outside hanging our unmentionables, listening to the chatty birds and squirrels and smelling detergent and these:

The tea roses that dot our fence. A nice break from pounding tile off of the concrete slab in the basement.

Finally, I think we have reached "scratch." There's no more linoleum, no more mirror tile. Thank God. It seems that we have done all the demolition we can do. Now on with the overwhelming duty to put it all back together again.

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