Spring? Already?

I guess we've neglected the ol' blog for a while, sorry about the lack of updates... We've been busy, I promise!

Today is the 2nd official day of outdoor cleanup and maintenance. The first mow job of the season was fun, I think I emptied the bag about a dozen times. We had a nice little work day out in the rain on Easter, raking the debris that had collected over the winter. The side of our house is like a wind tunnel that blows all the leafs, garbage, etc. from the neighborhood into our fence. It's crazy all the stuff that collects. I found this business card in a leaf pile.


Back (click for larger size):

'57? has this been in a leaf pile for 50 years? Where could it have possibly come from?

Doing yard work in the rain is a surprisingly pleasant and cleansing experience. Why do we need to sit in a building to celebrate Easter? Rebirth? Renewal? Return-to-life? Yard work does it for me.