It's Shake 'N' Bake...And I Did It All By Myself

Finally, both layers of linoleum are removed from the kitchen. Cue the Seraphim...

Unfortunately, we won't be able to rescue the hardwood. Approximately 75% of the room was patched with unfinished, low-quality wood of a different width than the original at some point. So, we're going to scrape this stuff down to the subfloor and install new hardwood. It will be cheaper than tile, and more durable in the long run, if more labor-intensive.

In other hardwood news, I patched a hole in the living room all by myself tonight. Bren and the band had a show, so I whipped out the saw and drill and CONSTRUCTED.

I am prodigiously proud of this patch. I had to drill pilot holes for every nail I drove at a 55 degree angle into the tongue of every plank. Once we sand down the rest of the room(s), it'll be good as new. Or good as old, I guess. Yeah.

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Renee said...

amazing. i don't think i could do this.