I'm in Pieces (Bits and Pieces)

Think of this next time you turn the hot water knob in your shower or bath...

Two sets of knobs, a shower head and a faucet.

A cool $400 and as many little, tiny parts.

Taking our first shower at home...[will be]...priceless.

Prime Time

Catching up:

We work a lot. Just not on our house. Bren now does his deliveries and installations alone, and has a big Geek Squad Home Theater Unit truck parked outside the house. Luckily, it masks...said house.

The ballet season started in October with Le Corsaire, a pirate ballet, and then the perennial favorite, Dracula. I had the good fortune to go to an Arts Integration conference for Educators in Oakland, CA, and meet my cousin Scott in San Francisco. He is studying Chinese in Monterey. He is much smarter than me.

I also accepted the position of Director of Education and Outreach at CB. Hence, my project (walls, floors) has progressed little. I did, however, begin priming the fully resurfaced living room walls for paint last weekend.

There's not much to show for it, since it's really just taking the room from kinda white to really white, but my sidekick is pretty cute:

In a French independent film kind of way. Chevy's mom has been hanging around the house lately, to our dismay. Does he know it's her, and that she abandoned him? Do we suffice in her stead?

He must think we're OK, because he helps me with the laundry.

He makes sure I keep the black load black. "Blacker than the blackest black times infinity." If you get the reference, kudos.

I promise we're not going to post cat pictures every time we write from here on out. It's just that he's always...there. And the little extra money that comes in, that was originally intended for home improvement, has gone to the veterinarian's office adjacent PetSmart of late. It's amazing how many shots this guy has to endure!