Happy Easter!

...to all of our Peeps.

Today, we woke up early and worked.

Then, off to Aunt Cherri and Uncle Jim's for much of this:

Thanks for the Warhol plate, Arn! How did you know that "I love Anne day" is my favorite holiday? Heh...there's Hamm on it.

Then back to work. No rest for the full!

I also talked to Grammie.

And there was a little of this:

Now, the ceiling in the living room looks FRICKIN' AMAZING!

Ceiling tiles are installed, caulked, and primed. Eggshell white paint to follow. Moulding is up, despite the fact that nothing in our house is level, and painted in high-gloss.

Now for some quotes on refinishing the hardwood floors.


renee said...

i love your ceiling and colors!!! and grammie.

Arwen Mitchell said...

perhaps Peep is learned in woodcraft.

then he would have a use in the world.

bluefreak said...

Gunter! you house is beautiful (well, it will be soon -¿?-). i love your stories, you're so funny.

i will keep reading!

-i like your bathroom so much!