Grout Expectations

I know, I know. I'm a dork.

Well, the Misty Meadow 3/4 rounds we ordered came in, and we finished Bren's pride and joy...the shelf:

That is, just in time to find out that in order to finish the only remaining surfaces wanting tile -- either side of the shower door jamb -- we need approximately 15 more tiles. Of course, that means we have to 1) order a full box and 2) wait for said box.

No, we definitely don't need another shipment of kittens. While we wait, we decided to go ahead and start grouting.

Sort of hard to capture, especially by work light, but it's looking good. It just takes forever. Here's another shot, with social commentary:

We're getting the hang of it, and I think we'll make good progress this weekend. Once we grout and seal the wall tiles, we'll do the same to the floor, and then install the sink and toilet.

...So it can be put to better use than this.


Bmer & Kass said...

wow, you guys are my home improvement heros! looks great!!

Scott Lenger said...


...love the social commentary