Don't Tread on Me

After much toil and trouble, the bathroom floor is tiled! With the exception of some edge pieces Bren has to cut. See?

So glam. My fingers, however, are not. I have blisters and mortar dries skin worse than a Colorado Winter.

It makes the room look huge! A pedestal sink and a toilet (coming soon -- gotta pay taxes first), and some towel bars, etc. and we'll be soaking in no time.

Oh, and we have to tile the shower curb. Tomorrow, perhaps. The last of the green tiles we needed to finish the shelf and door jamb came in today, too.

A good day!


BMer916 said...

that looks amazing, showering in there will be so rewarding for you guys...remember, save water, bathe with a friend!

Falling off the Grid said...

well done. looks great. see you monday

mom said...

wow, I like it