Are We Done Yet?

Ummm...no. In fact, we aren't even remotely close. Not even one room is done, and to be honest, Bren and I are pretty burnt and/or bummed out right now. BUT, my hope is that posting our progress (albeit slow) will rekindle the flame of ridiculous optimism that started this whole thing.

The bathroom is coming along, and it's going to look pretty spiffy. We picked green tiles for the shower to match the paint in the rest of the room. It's called "Misty Meadow."

Cool. We are awaiting an order of 3/4 in. rounded trim pieces to solve the problems of the shelf and door jambs. There were bullnose tiles available, but we sort of negated their usefulness when we decided to go with the diamond pattern.

While waiting for these various shipments of tile, Bren finished the last installment of cement on the shower floor:

Very nice. A dirty job, though. Sure wish we had a shower. See what I mean?

GROSS. This poor green thrift store couch has seen it all. Speaking of dirty boys taking breaks, here's the obligatory spread of cat pictures:

Yes, he climbed up there himself.

Hard at work.

Asleep on the job. What a slacker.

Back to work. Bren and the band played another retreat (or an abbreviated version of it, due to an unexpected snowstorm) and we were able to order the bathroom floor tiles - white hexes and some black ones to make a design. When they arrived, I laid everything out on the living room/dining room floor to plot it out:

It took me forever to figure it out, seeing as how math was involved. But I did, and it looked like this for about one second before Chevy discovered the sport of tile hockey.

We're on a roll, right? Right. Until I went to do laundry a couple of nights ago, and the water heater room flooded. And I needed to pee. I pretty much hated everything right then.

Remember my post about the stumps? And about pulling the 80-year old roots in our yard? Well, I guess in 80 years of growing, trees and weeds need some adventure every once in a while, and they decide to invade plumbing.

So, yeah. We give new meaning to the term "rootered." The plumber said it's not totally uncommon, but our case is uncommonly significant. He reamed out 100 feet of pipe, and hopefully that will do us for another 80 years.


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Arwen Mitchell said...

Cat Senior Pictures. that was what he was thinking, at least, when you took them. :)