Hunting Pegasus

Sunday mornings, Bren and I often treat ourselves to bagels at Einstein's, even though the wait is ridiculous, and we've never gotten our order right when going through the drive-thru (Bren's sausage, egg and cheese sandwich arrived on a cranberry bagel this morning).

After that, we went to Home Depot to check out and price various woods for our forthcoming built-in bookshelves in the living room, only to find that the bathroom sink and toilet series we've been eyeing were on CLEARANCE. What? I know I said we had to pay taxes first, but the likelihood of something we want being IN STOCK at Home Depot -- let alone being ON SALE is slim to none.

We bought the sink immediately, but the toilet was missing in action. But a clearance is a clearance, and we were determined to get these matching items while they were hot. And cheap. Thus began a 5-store trek across the Front Range. At store #4, we finally discovered that HD employees have the ability to check the availability of an item at other stores. Why this service has not been rendered to us in the past, I do not know. Off we went to the newest HD in town, at 470 and Quincy.

We finally found our elusive toilet in the highest back stock. A forklift hoisted the precious cargo to earth, and we joyfully shoved it into my Cavalier (I rode like a kid in a car seat all the way home).

I opened our prizes later that evening, only to find that BOTH the toilet bowl and tank were broken. Bren went promptly back to the store, and luckily our same salesperson was there, because he had stowed the remaining stock in an equally nonsensical place.

I forgot to mention that the brand of toilet/sink is PEGASUS, for whatever reason. The line is called "Structure," which is far less offensive than others. Who, for instance, wants to buy a toilet called "Memoirs?" Are they suggesting that someone who owns that toilet must have led an interesting life, or that that their most interesting moments will take place in the water closet?

Our hard-earned clearance sink and toilet:

Chevy thought it was the best toy we'd ever bought him.

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Arwen Mitchell said...

he's just looking forward to many happy hours of lathering up. oh, he also wants you to re-name him Pegasus.