The Land Down Under

Today roll-off dumpster #2 left. So yesterday, I went to town on the basement. I pounded off a roughly 8X8 slab of tile set into the concrete floor, and removed the last remnants of mirror tile and dark wood paneling. Then we swept, vacuumed, and mopped with ammonia. The 70s are officially over in our house.

When I got home from work today, I was determined to bring everything upstairs...downstairs, so that we can refinish the hardwood floors as soon as the master bathroom is done. Since our 15 boxes of books have been packed away for some time, I slid a few of our bookshelves across our bed and down the stairs to the basement. And made:

The ultimate work station out of the corner where the bar used to be. Probably not organized the way Bren would have done it, but it's not going to stay organized anyway. What? Not every 25 year-old woman does this on a Monday night?

At the opposite end of the basement sits our temporary living room:

Have I mentioned that the brand of insulation used down here is "MANVILLE?" I laugh about it often.


Cory said...

I love how you hung up the coveralls. Perfect.

Anne said...

For some reason, the previous owner left one hanger in the basement bedroom closet - I thought it only appropriate to hang Bren's coveralls on it...if he will let me, I'll post the pictorial evidence that led to his unwillingness to wear them again...!

Cory said...

Yes to the pictorial evidence! I can only imagine...