A Small (4mm) Setback

Yesterday, Bren and I took an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room. No, it had nothing to do with the plethora of power tools or toxic building materials within our grasp, it was...

Bum bum BUUMMMMM...

A kidney stone. The passing of which is equated with childbirth. Luckily, our first born came into the world this morning, and Bren is feeling fine, but tired.


Renee said...

glad to hear everyone [including baby "stone"] is doing well

Anne said...

Baby Stone O'Connor
Born 6.14.07
4mm X 4mm

radtothebad said...

I wish I had offspring to show for my pains

radtothebad said...


Stone Hamm, Jr

Cudgel Hamm

Nigel Tufnel Hamm

Cameron Westford Hamm

Crestwycke Smythe Cotswold Hamm

Ye Olde Hamme

Katherine Elaine Kidney Hamm