Sometimes a Great Notion

We're back from Oregon! It was great to see friends (Cass and Kevin) and family (the parents O and the grandparents Wolfe), and the festival was way cool. Here's a shot of the outdoor theatre where we saw Comedy of Errors adapted as a musical set in the Wild West (It was better than it sounds):

And Bren in Lithia Park:

That was Ashland. The most wonderful thing in Portland is this:

Voodoo donuts, in the Skidmore district. Famous for bacon maple bars, donuts with shots of Pepto Bismol or NyQuil in the center (to cure what ails you), and other frosting concoctions varying from cereal to candy bars to Kool-Aid mix.

We also visited IKEA, of course, and evidence of our looting will follow. Happily, there is also a Trader Joe's in Portland, and we scored several bottles of Two-Buck Chuck. Other scores included an ancient Shakspeare anthology from a used bookstore and a yellow-pink rose bush (Oregon is famous for its roses).

Overall, a nice vacation. But we're never driving 18 hours in one shot ever again. Oh, and gas? The most we paid was $4.29/gal. Sheesh!

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