White Knuckles and Swedish Fish

If you had told us six years ago that this weekend we would don our black hoodies, grab some black coffee, load up the black Jeep and drive to Utah in January, we probably would have thought that, six years later, we would somehow have achieved wealth enough to catch the airing of some tragic Indie flick at Sundance.

Alas, we are not as cool as we once were. However, neither are we as quintessentially metro and hipster as the typical masse frequenting IKEA. We aren't skinny enough. :)

We made it safely across the arctic tundra that is Wyoming and Utah to scenic Sandy (Draper) and back. Neither snow nor ice, bitter cold nor gale-force winds (enough to wrap a semi around an overpass) could deter us from remedying our plight of kitchenlessness.

All that to say we got some cabinets (3), among other things. And are home, happy and safe.

Props to Miles for feeding Chevy.


Miles said...

Seriously when you are gone that guy gets crabby and mean!

Justin Bullis said...

i'm currently on a manic swedish fish binge-fest. every time i go to home depot... which is ALOT ... i buy a pack and wolf them down before i get home. don't tell karissa.

Anne said...

Miles - he's pretty crabby in general. Thanks for putting up with it.

Toro Es - next time we run into you at Home Depot, you and Tahoe are going to have to go out behind the row of storage sheds and indulge your shameful addiction...

Anonymous said...

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