The Great Holiday Hurry-Up-And-Get-Things-Done

In that Halloween post I mentioned that drywall was going up in the kitchen.

It was hard, dusty, chickeny work.

Some of you may remember the "nook" area, which used to look like this:

And shortly thereafter, this:

Turns out putting things back together takes longer than bashing them in with a sledgehammer. But now, things are looking up.

We laid the most awesomest tile floor this weekend, despite the fact that both Bren and I came down with the Black Lung on Friday night. And painted all of the walls a light gray (Misty Raindrop or something) except for that dark one, which is blackboard paint. As of tomorrow it will read: "Welcome, Deulens."

I also started a Hall of Fame upstairs.

Guess you'll have to come over to see who all's up there.

And we hung the chandelier in the dining room.

I can't believe how far we've come!

That's all for now. We're BEAT!

Edit: Anne forgot to mention the finished bookshelf, so here it is.

We've worked really well together on all the projects we've done so far, but I did worry just a bit on the kitchen tiles working as a duo. Maybe it was our shared sickness but I thought it might end up like this:

(Art by Al Jaffee.)


Mom said...

WOW!! That tile is beautiful! And I like the hall of fame.
An amazing transformation.

Love you guys and cat. Feel better soon.

ntodd said...

snap! I wanna see that hall of fame! next time. We'll be visiting in May round about the Bolder Boulder.

Leslie said...

Sorry for the random comment- I saw your house your on AT and noticed it had been a while since you had responded to people's questions there, so I thought I might try here. Anyway. I love the bold color in this room. I was just wondering if the vintage turquoise credenza in the entry area came that color or if you painted it? If you painted it, do you by chance remember the brand/shade? I'm horrible at picking out accent colors and would love the help if you see this! Thanks :)