Still Life With Pumpkin

The bookshelves are a work of art, though I do say so myself.

Now I get to dive into a pile of...

Books! Chevy is particularly interested in Nabokov and Vonnegut.

FYI, here's how Real Simple magazine (which I love -- thanks, Mom O!) suggests people with a "lot" of books should display them:

I think we're on the right track! Although, if Real Simple calls this a lot of books, my life is more complicated than I thought.


Falling off the Grid said...

Guys, the house looks absolutely amazing. I mean really, I last saw it in December and its like not even the same place. Myself being partial to bookshelves, I think yours are very nice.

Good work, and don't forget that I am available to break stuff whenever you get around to that porch.

Scott said...

The bookshelves look gore-juss, as does the whole house!