Doin' Things is What we Like to Do...YES!

Last weekend, I painted in the bathroom.

Let me just say that primers are a girl's best friend, contrary to popular belief. I am the first to admit that my joint taping/compounding in the bathroom was less than stellar. Similarly, Bren is not ashamed of the occasional discrepancy in cement board flushness or screw depth. However, I am happy to report that primer and flat paint cover a multitude of sins.

For anyone considering a paint project, I highly recommend BEHR paint (Home Depot). It runs only about $20 a gallon, and a gallon goes a surprisingly long way. The finished product is remarkably similar to the paint chip you get at the store, and you can test colors out for free with their ColorSmart dealy-bob (spelling approved by Arwen), either with stock photos or your own. However, unless you are working with pristine white walls, disregard their assertion that BEHR paint is both primer and paint. Cement board in particular is thirsty stuff, and even after two thick coats of primer I could discern the brand.

Before jet setting off to Minneapolis for work, Bren applied a layer of cement to the shower floor, graded down towards the drain.

After some drying time, we checked on the project, only to find we weren't the only parties interested in it...

Later, "The Inspector" reappeared to weigh in on the drain itself...

Since then, Bren has laid the moisture barrier liner.

By the look of things, he had to consult the masterminds at Wendy's in order to discover how to proceed with this step. After poking his brain with a Q-Tip failed to help. A final layer of sand mix will make this floor tile ready. Miles came over today to help finish cement boarding the rest of the shower:

He's got skillz. And sideburns.

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Looking good, we'll be over for a spa day.